Maggie (pearlrose86) wrote in royalsummoner,

Final Fantasy IX - Dagger/Garnet - Fanmix

Fandom: Final Fantasy IX
Subject: Garnet/Dagger
Title: Cloak and Dagger
Warnings: For the whole game.
Notes: I heard a song that I loved and thought suited Dagger perfectly. Then I saw a really good AMV with another song that I felt suited her. And then I raided my music collection and made a FST after I felt a need to do her character justice after I read some unflattering comments on her character here and there on various message boards online. Hence, this FST. It's my first one, and I meant to to be an evolution of Dagger's character from the beginning of the game to how she ultimately changed at the end.

I know it is awfully quiet around these parts, but consider this fanmix a way of trying to bring a little life into the place. ;D Go. Listen. Share. Enjoy!

Over at my fandom journal~
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