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royalsummoner's Journal

The Princess Garnet Fan Community
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All Members , Moderated
This is the FF IX community dedicated to Princess Garnet Til Alexandros, otherwise known as ‘Dagger’. Discussions relating to her character, her possible appearances in other media, her magic and other things related to her.

1. Respect each other. Keep your drama and personal conflicts out of this community, please. I would like this place to end up on Fandom Wank as little as possible. Troll posts will be deleted. If you feel that you are being harrassed by one of the other members here, then please don't be afraid to contact a mod about it.

2. Fanfic, fanart and music videos are allowed – actually, they are encouraged. However, please put all fanart and fanfic under LJ-cut. Also, while R-rated and NC-17 stuff is allowed, please friends-lock any posts that contain anything that might be a tad inappropriate.

3. Age ratings and content warnings of fanfics/music videos/fanarts must be noted in your summary. Just so that people who feel uncomfortable with controversial content do not have to view it.

Here is a guide on how to submit your work.

Genre: (only if it’s a fanfic)
Pairings: (put none, if no pairings)
Rating: (all age ratings allowed)
Warnings: (as in violence, language, etc)
Summary:(for fanfic)
Music: (for music video)

4. Crossover fan fiction is allowed.

5. Icons, colourbars and such are also allowed. We love creativity! Put them under LJ cut though, please.

6. All posts must be Garnet-related, whether it’s fan fiction or her relationship with Zidane or Vivi. As awesome as the other characters are, posts about them that are nothing to do with Garnet are forbidden – otherwise it would destroy the point of this community.

7. This is an English language forum. Please at least try to spell in correct English. Nobody’s perfect and I understand that some people may have certain difficulties that affect their spelling such as dyslexia, but it won’t hurt to make an effort. Typing in l33t speak isn’t going to convince me that you’re trying.

8. Posts must be written in English although you are allowed to advertise other communities (including RP ones) and sites in other languages, as long as it’s to do with Dagger.

9. No character bashing. It’s one great way to cause drama. Saying why you don’t like a character in a calm manner is okay, though. We don't all like the same thing.

10. Major spoilers go under LJ-cut.

11. Requests allowed.

12. Swearing is allowed but please keep it to a minimum. While I am personally not easily offended by bad language, others might be.

13. Don't ask to be a mod. At the moment, Daisy is not employing any more mods but if she feels that there are enough members to employ one, she will.

14. Have fun! :)

Any questions then please contact me, daisy_the_mage1.

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